This page discusses some of the more notable projects I’ve had the pleasure to be involved with. If you have any questions about them or just anything in general relating to the media feel free to drop me an email.
Madison Square Garden Network
Garden Vision and Creative Services Group (June 2016)

Designed and implemented 2 separate render farms utilizing Thinkbox Deadline as the render manager. The GV group hardware consist of 20 Mac Pro render nodes sitting on a Dynamic Drive Pool SSD volume while the Creative Services Group utilizes 30 Mac Pro’s, also on Dynamic Drive Pool Storage. Both farms support Adobe After Effects and Cinema4D.

Bell Helicopter
Marketing and Media Division (August 2015)

Designed and implemented an Asset Management production pipeline with Cantemo Portal utilizing Avid and Adobe CC editorial workflows. At the core of the media system is a 10 gig ISCI based 192 Terabyte Dynamic Drive Pool volume that manages video ingest for metadata tagging and archiving. Portal allows the team to perform realtime searchable tags of all ingested files. Within Portal we also implemented web based editorial with direct one click to an Adobe Premiere Pro timeline allowing producers to easily build the editorial framework for the editor.

NASA Kennedy Space Center
Orion Launch capture system (August 2014)

Integration and design implementation of the Recording and Imagery Capture Lab. The system is directly utilized for data capture and analysis of launch for the Orion space program. Combining technologies and partners, we deployed a robust and scalable image capture system. The general specs and customization of this system included the ability to record numerous camera feeds of various resolutions simultaneously with failover and the ability to trigger multiple Cinedeck capture stations. As lead integrator we collaborated with partners from Cinedeck and Drastic Technologies to ensure capture of 2 HD lossless JPEG 2000 codec streams per deck with IRIG-B timecode totaling 14 streams of encoding for the initial installation of this stellar project.

Daystar Television Network
Creative Production (January 2012)

Infrastructure and integration lead of post production pipeline built around R3D camera raw media. Deployed editing, finishing, and color workflows with Adobe Suite and Autodesk IFFFFS software packages. Integrated rendering systems with GPU Burn and Lustre Burn software. Pipeline included OSX, Windows and RHEL systems connected via 10 gig ISCSI network.

Fellowship Church
Creative Production (June 2011)

Integrate and develop workflow operations of a production-centric SAN and network environment. Develop, train, and support production process with digital cameras such as Red Epic and Arri Alexa.

NASA Johnson Space Center
Film Archival Lab (October 2008)

Integration and design implementation of the film scanning system and image record for film archival. Team lead on color (Autodesk Lustre) system for image import, manipulation, and delivery. Collaborated on workfow design and scanning automation from film to LTO tape archive. Continued support with hardware and software updates as well as continued training and consulting to operators.

NASA Kennedy Space Center
Image Analysis Lab V2 (August 2008)

Designed and implemented alongside 3 other team members a realtime 4k analysis system utilizing two custom IFX Software “Piranha” Multipipe Systems working directly with NASA 4K film scans. Each of the two systems consisted of dual 24 Terabyte arrays combined with the Nvidia Quadroplex graphics systems allowing the Film Analysis team at Kennedy Space Center to display full 4K sequences directly through a 4K JVC projector. The two Piranha systems were connected via DDR Infiniband to further expand the compute and analysis through-put. By using Piranha's MultiPipe Technology, each system could work individually or together to create a clustered GPU system. The system went online in time for the Space Shuttle STS-125 launch in October 2008.

MD Anderson Cancer Research Center
Medical Illustration Group (May 2002)

Developed and trained traditional medical illustrators in MAYA. Created a catalog of medical cg elements and texture assets managed by the MAYA visor for quick drag and drop scene setup. Developed a real-time training application for thoracic surgical procedures.