F35-Lightning II

Today I'm visiting some old friends and fellow artist at Lockheed Martin. Funny how life is orchestrated, isn't it? I saw Wayne Braddick in Aneheim, CA at Siggraph 2016. For those that don't know. Siggraph is the yearly premiere 3D and VFX industry tradeshow. I was on assignment for Isotropix doing presentations for stadium crowds using the amazing Clarisse software. That's another blog. Anyway it's Wayne and he approaches me. We haven't seen each other in quite some time. Wayne Braddick is a tremendous teacher, artists, and all around great guy. When I was pursuing my animation degree at the Art Institute of Dallas Wayne was one of my instructors who taught me Power Animator. After earning my degree in 1997 I continued on in the workforce never thinking much about school or the instructors there anymore. Fast forward to 2001 when Resolution Independence Studios was started and guess who came to work for me? Thats right, Wayne. Wayne was hired on to begin the framework for the Chubby Cubbies animated videos. So from instructor to employee to friend I am thankful for the invitation to visit. Now Wayne is at Lockheed Martin and is giving me a tour today of the F35 Lightning II production line. Pictures won't be allowed but you can find out more about the F35 here.