Sep 2016

Cubs - Where are they now?

By 2006 we wrapped on the second Chubby Cubbies episode, River of Promise. (River of Promise is another great story that I hope to blog about in the future and I am forever indebted to Arul Moorthy. Owner of Digital Magic in Chennai, India.) Things were looking up, so it seemed. We were finally getting some momentum after 2 grueling years. Building a brand is exhausting and my team and I were feeling it. It was the ultimate test of faith. We finally got the contract from Morning Star Entertainment. A Canadian based distribution company. I had flown to Vegas for a breakfast meeting and to receive the contracts in person. We talked about what it would like it. Where and how the work would be produced. All positive stuff. Our efforts and lost time seemed to finally pay off. It didn't matter now which doors had been closed on us. We were making a deal. I flew home that evening with a euphoric feeling. All we had to do next was have our lawyer look over the details. This is where it goes bad. I've learned that every lawyers job is to be the devil's advocate. So the contract starts getting picked apart. Revision 1, then 2, then 3 and so forth. Seriously are we making a deal or not? In the end we were advised to walk. That was the gut shot for me. I bled out and couldn't recover. I know my business partner Greg felt the same way. We all disbanded and everyone involved had to begin on their own journey.

In hind sight I wished I would've stayed the course and just picked myself up and found the next opportunity for the Cubs. I don't really know why I let the fire dwindle. I owed it to everyone to keep it burning. A lot of sleep has been lost for me since then. I take refuge in the new stories and great characters that were developed during our time at RI Studios, and it wasn't the CG kind. It was the team, my friends and family. Those that I have stayed in touch with and those I've asked about are all doing well. This seems so long overdue but I thank everyone involved in making this project happen. The Cubs also are still doing well. For over 8 years now our 2 episodes have run twice a week on The Smile of a Child Network from TBN. We get no monetary return for allowing the episodes to air but I like to think that there isn't any amount of money in this world you could put on making a difference in a child's life. I know thats what the Chubby Cubbies were meant to do. They surely made a difference in my life.

Stay tuned for the next adventure. We're not finished yet.

F35-Lightning II

Today I'm visiting some old friends and fellow artist at Lockheed Martin. Funny how life is orchestrated, isn't it? I saw Wayne Braddick in Aneheim, CA at Siggraph 2016. For those that don't know. Siggraph is the yearly premiere 3D and VFX industry tradeshow. I was on assignment for Isotropix doing presentations for stadium crowds using the amazing Clarisse software. That's another blog. Anyway it's Wayne and he approaches me. We haven't seen each other in quite some time. Wayne Braddick is a tremendous teacher, artists, and all around great guy. When I was pursuing my animation degree at the Art Institute of Dallas Wayne was one of my instructors who taught me Power Animator. After earning my degree in 1997 I continued on in the workforce never thinking much about school or the instructors there anymore. Fast forward to 2001 when Resolution Independence Studios was started and guess who came to work for me? Thats right, Wayne. Wayne was hired on to begin the framework for the Chubby Cubbies animated videos. So from instructor to employee to friend I am thankful for the invitation to visit. Now Wayne is at Lockheed Martin and is giving me a tour today of the F35 Lightning II production line. Pictures won't be allowed but you can find out more about the F35 here.