Oct 2016

Let it go

Letting go. I wish life were as easy as just cleaning out the closets.  For instance when you stumble upon your favorite GI Joe or those old grungy Chuck Taylors and you get all sentimental about them. Your mind takes you back to a fun memory.  You say to yourself "I can't chunk this, we went through so much together."  Those memories are owned by you and only you. You can share them but you can't transfer them. For instance, I don't think Snake Eyes nor Chuck Taylor felt the same as I did. Don't get me wrong the memory was and is important, and I believe the memories serve you well for the fact that you were learning something important right then that would stick with you for as long as you let it. I'm writing this today so that I can help myself with a memory that I made while making a very important career decision. Either my memory of the whole meeting was different or the meeting was just another non-honored handshake. So years after this particular memory still haunts me and it's time to let go. My view that day was entirely different then their view. Humans just don't see things through the same looking glass. I wish we did sometimes, but then again I'm glad we don't so we can grow. Today I grow and I hope this particular blog helps someone else grow. Again I ask myself. Why must I clean? Well, if I can't clean out my closet then I can't move on.