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We're all KINGS

Culture represents the norms, customs and values which both guide behavior and act as a framework from which behavior is judged by the majority. It is transmitted socially rather than biologically. A subculture is a distinctive culture within a culture, so its norms and values differ from the majority culture but do not represent a culture deemed deviant by the majority. A subculture is distinguished from a counterculture which operates in direct opposition to the majority culture. If you understood any of that then we ask "Whats your subculture?" We believe you Wear What You Live. This is why the brand SubCultureKINGS was cultivated. If you don't follow the mainstream, but rather lead a movement through something you're passionate about we want to here from you. From time to time we'll be featuring apparel that gives back to its subculture. Stay connected and stay involved. Never let your beliefs die. Keep your subculture alive!!!