Tier 1 Challenge

Engage, Endure, Evolve

 “Tier 1 Challenge”
May 19th 9am
Registration Closes at 8am

Tier 1 Training Facility is using this opportunity to raise funds and support for the Task Force Dagger Foundation (Non-Profit Organization).

The “Tier 1 Challenge” is 3 separate fitness events testing strength, endurance, mobility and stamina in the realm of Power Lifting, Olympic Lifting, Mixed Martial Arts, and Crossfit…but if one is an all around athlete, all events are conquerable.

Athletes can compete for medals and Prizes in the “Elite” Division or just in 1, 2 or all 3 events in the “scaled” division  in order to complete the events.
Elite Division (all 3 events)
Medals and Prizes will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place Individual and Team Individual, Team in the Elite Divisions.

“Elite Athlete”

“Elite  Team”
$175 per Team
In order to compete in the Elite Division athletes must compete in all 3 events with no deviation of weight, form or use of assistance in order to complete the events.
If you are competing in the “Elite Team” division there must be 4 athletes per Team, each Team must consist of a minimum of 1 female athlete and 3 male athletes.
Total individual points will be added up to determine who is the ”Elite Team”.
Scaled Division
Medals will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd Individual, and Team in the Scaled Divisions.
Athletes can attend and adjust the weight and use assistance in order to complete the events.
$35 to enter 1 event, $45 to enter 2, $50 to enter all 3 events.
$150 per Team
Scoring is provided by RedBelt Digital. The leader in real time fitness competition scoring and mobile training sites. Each event will be on a different scoring system some for reps, some for time. Each event will have the same final scoring to determine the winners.
1st event Godzilla is posted. Click here.
2nd event MMA Medley is posted. Click here.
3rd event Crossed the Line is posted. Click here.
MAY 19th at 8am will be final registration for competitors!!

As each event is released there will be a video posted showing proper technique and form that judges will be looking for.

Each event will have a judge to maintain safety and ensure standard is maintained.

1st event “Godzilla”

2nd event “MMA Medley”

3rd event “Crossed the Line”
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